Here you can see the different extras we offer for all our ELZ models, choose your configuration wisely

Using the table of contents below you can directly jump to the extra where you need more info. If you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Trompette Capos

This little levers are called ‘Capos’ and they allow you to instantly retune your strings one note up, for example C to D just with a quick move, they are available both on trompette or drone strings.

Drone Capos

Above you have the example on the drone strings, normally we just install one capo per string, this was a special order for an advanced player.

Simple Electric System

Sympathetic Strings (with tuners)

This is a set of 4 sympathetic string, we normally will place one set on each side of the instrument, this strings will give you extra resonance it’s like having a beautiful built in reverb system, but acoustically

The most important factor of the sympathetic strings is having them in perfect tune so they can sing along with the instrument, that’s why we decided to use machine head tuners to allow for perfect acuracy.


We mostly use Mahogany for our sides and back, but we found using IMBUIA (a very beautiful brazilian wood) helps to boost the lows producing a very caracteristic velvety and round sound. we personally bookmatch all the pieces of IMBUIA creating cool patterns on each instrument, if you choose this wood, your gurdy will be exclusive and unique, because each piece is super different

Padded Gigbag

Protection is key but we also look for comfort in our everyday musician life, that’s why we have chosen this padded gigbag, it’s custom made for your instrument and you can carry it like a backpack, it’s VERY WORTH having it